Misery Guts Native Marine Life  SIZE A2

Misery Guts Native Marine Life SIZE A2

Misery Guts
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For kids who know, there’s nothing better than a shell in your pocket and sand in your shoes! 
Proudly made in New Zealand by big beach bums, for little beach bums.

Our Discovery Charts have been inspired by the classic botanical and zoological charts of bygone days; with a Misery Guts twist.

Native Marine Life .1, features carefully selected beauty from the sea surrounding New Zealand; Kina, Green Lipped Mussel, Kelp, Pipi, Prawn, Crayfish, Hermit Crab.

Each Discovery Chart is printed on Vinyl Canvas, hand mounted to timber battens with hemp string ready to hang on the walls of little monsters of all ages, whether living in New Zealand or abroad. 

Comes packages in a brown cardboard tube to protect it from the elements, perfect for posting, or just add a bow and you’re done!