Misery Guts Paper Doll

Misery Guts Paper Doll

Misery Guts
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Meet Waka Wai (meaning Water Canoe). AND

Meet Poi Waiwaiā (meaning Beautiful Poi).

Sold separately, each have a beautiful hand painted vintage look and are ready to be cut and fastened together.

Inspired by our own childhood, we’ve brought back what we think, is one of the most magical, yet simplest of dolls. They’re suitable for gentle play and when the show is over, they’re a piece of art, ready to adorn the walls of little humans (and big humans). 
Pin them up, ready for their next performance or by using the included cutout paddling device, Waka Wai is able to paddle his Waka whilst wall mounted too.

Waka Wai Paper Doll, 6x paper fasteners and instructions. Contains small parts.

Product size: A4

Made in NZ