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Meet your new favourite pair of snuggly winter socks.

We all know socks get a bit of a bad wrap for being a generic gift, but there is a reason they are a classic. There is nothing better on a cold winter day than throwing on a soft, toasty pair of socks to keep to winter cold at bay.

One of my favourite change of season activities and running my hands over the beautiful textures of possum fur as I reach for my favourite pairs of winter socks or tucking my toes into some winter or snowboard boots before heading out into the cold.

When you reach for the wrong socks, you end up with cold, wet or sweaty feet. It can be hard to get warm. They can bunch and give you blisters.

When you get the right socks for the job, you feel like you are floating on a cloud of soft, luxurious comfort while a gentle fire heats your toes.

Don't wait to get gifted good socks or put up uncomfortable generic socks that stretch and dye after a few months of wear.

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Socks for Grownups:

Nooan Possum & Merino socks are ultra-soft, temperature-regulated odour control socks that give you amazing comfort and beautiful features and they are made right here in New Zealand. You can find high and low profile socks in beautiful rich colours to add a pop of colour to those cold winter days. We love that they do not have that prickly feeling some wood and possum products have.

le bonne shoppe socks

Le Bon Shoppe offer durable, comfortable, and classic, socks will become one of your closet staples, you can throw them in the washing machine and tumble drier. The brand creates beautiful, stand alone pieces that live beyond the whims of seasons and trends. With a focus on natural textiles, simple designs, and prismatic colors, Le Bon Shoppe is a collection of timeless treasures for you to add to your own trove. 


Girlfriend Socks - Girlfriend Socks is the crew version of our original bestseller and classic. These beauties pair perfectly under cropped length pants and lengthen legs for shorter looks.

Boyfriend Socks -  Stay fly all year long in these calf-length sports socks. Pair with sneakers or sliders.

lamngton socks

Lamington offer award winning New Zealand Made, Merino Wool Socks For Babies, Children, Men and Women. Made with merino, perfect in cold or warm temperatures.

Socks for Kids and Babies Tiny Toes


Quincy Mae has soft socks and booties made in beautiful colours with minimal patterns. They specialise in everyday basics built to make dressing your baby simple and convenient for babies and kids aged 0 -5

Rylee + Cru offer socks, and tights, in ultra-soft materials and beautiful cotton for kids aged 0 - 9 years old

Nature Baby organic cotton baby socks are designed to sit comfortably just under the baby's knee so they will stay on nicely and keep legs and feet snuggly and warm. Bundle up little feet in these lovely and soft organic cotton socks. For 6 months to newborns.

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