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Fab Friends - Rattan Bed

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Let your Fab Friends find her way to dreamland in this adorable Rattan Bed with a retro look. To make her bed comfy, combine it with Fabelab's dreamy Mattress Set including mattress, duvet set, and bedspread. 

The founder of Fabelab, Michaela Weisskirchner-Barfod, has embraced the Scandinavian design principles and taken inspiration from her two young girls, who always look for purposeful and imaginative playthings. The products are deeply grounded in storytelling that encourages curiosity and imagination. Fabelab's products are made for multipurpose and grow with the family, gathering stories and memories along the way. We value high-quality and functionality in every product we design, in that way, we ensure a long lifespan of the products. The core tenets of Fabelab, are upcycling and reusability - being sustainable is something we truly strife for.

For Fabelab, sustainable design is about using the right materials and ensuring a long lifespan of the products. We always design our products based on sustainable materials and beliefs. We always think about what we can do better and how we can become even more sustainable as we want the world to become a better place for the future generations to come. Child safety is at the core of our products and we make sure that all Fabelab’s toys are CE-tested.

*This product has been CE-labelled according to the European Union Legislation.


100 % Rattan
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