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Face Cleanser

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Say hello to clean and nourished skin with Lumini's Gentle Cream Face Cleanser, specially formulated for pre-teen skin.

Specifically formulated for young faces, our gentle yet effective cleanser removes dirt, oils and impurities without stripping the skin, leaving it fresh and radiant.

• Crafted with clean, vegan ingredients
• Soothes and nourishes with Aloe Vera
• Conditions for a radiant glow with Jojoba Oil
• Brightens and rejuvenates with Grapefruit Extract
• Reduces inflammation and calms acne-prone skin with Chamomile
• Passion Apple fragrance to keep you smelling delicious
• Size: 120ml

Our airless bottle design prevents our ingredients oxidising with the air and ensures optimal formula protection and shelf stability.

With each pump, you'll get the exact amount you need—no spills, no waste, and every last drop put to good use.

Build a foundation for a lifetime of healthy and radiant skin with Lumini’s Daily Cleanser.

Why Use a Cream Cleanser?

A cream cleanser is gentler on younger skin. Foam and gel-based cleansers often strip the skin of natural oils causing dryness and irritation. This is great when you are older for removing makeup or have oily skin. But for young faces - gentle is key.

Don't be fooled by the lack of lather. Although you may not feel 'squeaky clean', you are.