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the glitter tribe-cupcake

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🕺🕺 Remember the blue light disco? 💃💃
If you don't you are MUCH younger than me, and while that sucks (for me), I can reminisce and remember the disco ball that lit up the room and Johnny's face as he tried to kiss Sarah and got her elbow instead when she suddenly busted into the "Sprinkler" dance move.

It was big then, don't judge me.

Well, the point of the story is that Bioglitter® can have you looking like the disco ball.
Not Johnny, he wasn't shining at all. It can also have your playdough looking like a glittery dream and when it hits the floor, and oh boy mama you know it will, you can confidently sweep it up and put it outside in the elements to biodegrade. 
We love The Glitter Tribe Bioglitter® because they are:
🎯  Certified Biodegradable
🙌  Home Compostable
💄  Cosmetic Grade - It is suitable for face, hair, body, nails!  It's FDA approved.
🌊  Ocean Safe
What you receive:
1 x 10g glass jar of a single colour Bioglitter® in a cute box.
So, you may be wondering what happens to your Bioglitter® when it's done all it can for you? Well, because it is made from plants and not plastic, no matter where is ends up, Mother Nature will break it down within 90 days.

It is Certified OK Biodegradable Water, which means guaranteed biodegradation in a natural environment.