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Huxbaby is a minimalist fashion brand for kids with an adult level of style. We love them because they blend super soft organic cotton with a clean aesthetic - clothes that allow kids to be kids without sacrificing style. Why choose Huxbaby: Clean and simple style, minimalism, clutter free and comfortable designs. they are a sustainable brand choosing beautiful soft cottons.

Huxbaby Blossom Flower Leggings || Black from $59.95 NZD
Huxbaby Glitter Unicorn Handbag $54.95 NZD
Huxbaby Rib Skivvy || Rosebud from $57.95 NZD
Huxbaby Rib Leggings || Orchid $59.95 NZD
Huxbaby Rainbow Knit Beanie $54.95 NZD
Huxbaby Floral Pine Bib Dress || Pine $37.50 NZD $74.99 NZD
Huxbaby Gingerbread Hux Onesie || Multi $29.98 NZD $59.95 NZD
Huxbaby Fur Gingerbread T-Shirt || White $29.98 NZD $59.95 NZD
Huxbaby Gingerbread Girl Ballet Dress || Rose $39.98 NZD $79.95 NZD
Huxbaby Gingerbread Hux PJ Set || Multi $37.48 NZD $74.95 NZD