Huxbaby is a minimalist fashion brand for kids with an adult level of style. We love them because they blend super soft organic cotton with a clean aesthetic - clothes that allow kids to be kids without sacrificing style. Why choose Huxbaby: Clean and simple style, minimalism, clutter free and comfortable designs. they are a sustainable brand choosing beautiful soft cottons.

Huxbaby Floral Frill Zip Swimsuit-Dusty Rose $34.50 NZD $69.00 NZD
Huxbaby Floral L/S Zip Swimsuit-Ink $34.50 NZD $69.00 NZD
Huxbaby Daisy Legging - Black $24.50 NZD $49.00 NZD
Huxbaby Floral Bunnies Swirl Dress $64.00 NZD
Huxbaby Floral Frill Bloomer - Fir $19.50 NZD $39.00 NZD
Huxbaby Animal Hat - Rose $22.00 NZD $44.00 NZD
Huxbaby Hux Black Shorts - Kid $26.47 NZD $52.95 NZD
Huxbaby Dusty blue cord pants $69.90 NZD
Huxbaby Leopard Reversible Bomber - Dusty Rose from $128.00 NZD
Huxbaby Cool Cat T-Shirt - Black $54.00 NZD
Huxbaby Amber Stripe Leggings $49.95 NZD
Huxbaby Sprinkles Knit Cardi - Almond $84.95 NZD
Huxbaby Rib Legging - Black $64.95 NZD
Huxbaby Retro Dino T-Shirt - Almond from $54.95 NZD
Huxbaby Ink Rib Knit Leggings - Kid $56.95 NZD
Huxbaby Leopard Hair Bow - Dusty Pink $14.99 NZD
Huxbaby Plum Rib Leggings $49.95 NZD
Huxbaby Dusty Rose Rib Leggings $49.95 NZD
Huxbaby Dusty Rose Leopard Knit Cardi from $79.95 NZD
Huxbaby Leopard Overalls - Dusty Rose $75.99 NZD
Huxbaby Slouch Kids Short - Black $54.00 NZD
Huxbaby Cool Cat Sweatshirt - Black $64.00 NZD