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MUSKHANE’s products are hand-made in the workshops of the Katmandu Valley. They are composed entirely of natural, renewable materials.

The working of these natural fibres is the special expertise of Nepalese artisans. Their handicraft continues to evolve technically, thanks to creative innovations and quality controls introduced by the brand.

Valérie trained in the working of felted wool in these ateliers, and makes regular trips to the workshops in order to create prototypes and to test the functionality of the objects that she designs, in duo with Emma Nivet.

The quality of the wools, the strict attention to detail, and the care that goes into each of MUSKHANE’s products bring forth our line of unique objects, infused with softness and harmony.

Muskhane Morel Mushroom - Large 13cm from $15.00 NZD
Muskhane Morel Mushroom - Small 9cm Sold Out
Muskhane Mushroom - Small 6cm from $11.00 NZD
Muskhane Mushroom - Large 9cm from $15.00 NZD
Muskhane Dotty Mushroom - Large 11cm $18.00 NZD
Muskhane Dotty Mushroom - Small 8cm from $12.00 NZD
Muskhane Mushroom - Extra Large 18cm $29.00 NZD
Muskhane Star With Pompoms- 16 cm $28.00 NZD
Muskhane Pastille Small 23 Cm $19.00 NZD
Muskhane Pastille Large 38 Cm $30.00 NZD
Muskhane Mini Pearls & Pompom Hanging $59.00 NZD
Muskhane Pearls + Pompom Hanging large $129.00 NZD
Muskhane Calabash - Small $89.00 NZD
Muskhane Kangaroo Basket - Tender Green $149.00 NZD
Muskhane Large Oval Bread Basket $85.00 NZD
Muskhane Two Tone Small Calabash $89.00 NZD
Muskhane Felt Basket Medium-27 X 13 Cm $75.00 NZD
Muskhane Frutti Rug - Jade/Tender Green $249.00 NZD
Muskhane Kangaroo Basket - Natural $149.00 NZD
Muskhane Kangaroo Basket - Quartz Pink $149.00 NZD
Muskhane Tikka Rug $245.00 NZD